Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Update

We just found out yesterday that Jen's CPS clearance from MA just came through. However, we also found out that Aaron's from CT is still not done. We were not aware of this before. Our case worker thinks it should come this week. That is it for the home study. Finally!!

We need to pay $6,000 to complete the home study. So far God has already provided $5,000 through cookies and donations. Last week we received an anonymous $116.03 in our church mailbox. We also had another $100 total in smaller donations. It's amazing to see even the smallest amount given add up to so much!

We also got confirmation that Aaron's CD will arrive at our house and be available for sale on August 17th/18th. We are still taking orders and will ship them as soon as they arrive.


  1. I totally understand your pain. We just had to update our homestudy, because it took us 1 year to get all our paperwork ready before we were even registered. Almost there, and God has provided those 'small' funds,cool to see.

  2. I just got permission to post the country---It's Pakistan--only one trip, too! If you know anyone interested, please send them to Lorien at Lighthouse. :)