Thursday, July 24, 2014

A New Adventure

As new parents, we were clueless. Our highest goal could be summed up simply as "Try not to screw the kid up, . . .too badly".

We were saved when we were challenged to parent with vision, to see our calling as parents as more than just trying to raise functional citizens in society.  We were to know our children's hearts, their giftings and their callings.  We were to train them in the way they should go.

Our charge was not only to teach our children the values and lifestyle of the Kingdom of God, but to demonstrate and walk alongside them as they grew in understanding.  Not just good citizens in society, but citizens of His kingdom, walking in power, freedom, and the fullness of His love.

Four years ago we adopted our youngest son from Bulgaria.  When our journey was finished we realized that one of our strengths during that time was that my wife and I never saw the adoption as "our thing", but rather a family journey.  Our children prayed, labored, and contended for faith right alongside us.  Ever since then, we've chosen to see everything we do as a "family thing".

Originally we had plans to adopt from Albania.  We researched the country and fell in love with it.  During that time we met the wonderful Waggoner family (Waggoner News and World Report)that was in the process of adopting their second child from Albania.

Unfortunately the adoption agency we were with closed its Albania program. Our hearts were broken, but we were led to Bulgaria where we met our youngest son.  Throughout the process we continued to stay in contact with the Waggoner family and have continued to carry a burden for the people of Albania ever since.

Since that time the Waggoners have moved to Albania as full time missionaries, and we have continued to dream of doing a short term mission trip to Albania as a family.  Family was God's idea.  He has chosen to reveal Himself to us as Father. It is only fitting that He would be made known in and through family.

Early this year, the Waggoners invited us as a family to come for a two week period this fall to serve along side them in the village of Vlashaj, Albania.  We've spent the year debating whether it was the right time or not, but it seems that God has lined things up for us.  Its a shorter prep time than what we would have chosen, but God does His best work in impossible circumstances.

While our exact itinerary has yet to be determined, our children will not just be tagging along. They're part of the team and there will be plenty of work for them to do.  The Waggoners tell us that the ministry yard in Vlashaj is visited by Albanian children every morning, many of whom speak English.  Our children will have the opportunity to interact with them daily.

So here we are wrapping up this blog as we feel we've transitioned into a new stage of life with our son. We have started a new blog, The Warrior's Quiver.  This new blog will go on indefinitely and primarily be a source of family updates and such, but for the time being, we will kick it off with updates and prayer requests concerning our Albanian adventure.

We'd love for you to join us for the next journey.  We will desperately need your prayers.  In the coming days we'll be providing links to fund raiser sites.  If you would consider supporting us on this adventure it would mean so much to us!