Friday, April 30, 2010

Last Day

Today we signed official documents to move forward with the adoption of our son Andrew. We had the visa fee on hand, so we were able to pay that now while in the agency office. That fee is now required before the 2nd trip. This is the most exciting paperwork we've ever needed to have notarized!

We arrived at the orphanage today with gifts for the staff in tow. We set them down inside and went out to greet our son. One of the caretakers brought him over to us and we immediately walked back to a secluded sandbox in the shade on the back of the property.

We brought new toys and he was content for sometime as we played. At one point he began to walk away from us to head for the other children. We called for him and he looked over his shoulder and took off running. Jen pursued, scooping him up and bringing him back to our bench. Another tantrum, although not nearly as severe as yesterday's. Jen held him on her lap and continued to say to him, "I love you" in Bulgarian. Aaron brought out the laptop and began to play videos we had taken of the three of us. This seemed to do the trick. So we spent some time watching them and holding him.

When Andrew was done with the videos he got down out of our lap and began to dig in the sand with some other toys we had brought. Aaron joined him and the two of them finished the morning on a high note.

When we returned in the afternoon, Andrew came out to meet us and immediately went to the bag to find the toy he had been digging with this morning. However it was time for presents and so we asked Andrew to hand them out to each of the women who have cared for him since birth. He absolutely loved it!

As we walked outside holding his hands, we passed a gated area where the other children were playing. He observed them but otherwise showed no interest in being with them. We returned to our bench. Andrew got right to the sandbox and Aaron joined him. As Aaron displayed his finest skills as a sand pile builder, Andrew copied every move.

Once again Andrew grew tired of the game and began to head towards the other children. Jen called for him and when he ran, she chased him down and brought him back to the bench to sit out another fit. Aaron brought out the laptop for more videos. The tantrum died down even sooner. We sat close holding hands and stroking his head while the videos played. We let him pick the videos out and press the play button. When the videos finished we gave him a snack and played another round of "ask nicely".

Jen left because she had the opportunity to see Andrew's crib, bed, shower and general living area. We have really had the chance to connect with the staff at the orphanage. They even told us to stay as late as we wanted to. Jen was able to talk with some of Andrew's caregivers about his time there. In talking with all those involved, it has really been the hand of God clearing the way before us, everything from volcano ash to the fact that if he hadn't been on the special needs list we never would have found him, to the fact that the decision had been made to take Andrew out of his program (special needs) and make him available for domestic adoption if international parents weren't found in the next few weeks. Praise God for his faithfulness to the fatherless!!!(Ps 146:9)

While Jen was away Aaron and Andrew spent some time together. Just the two of them. All week long the workers were asking Andrew to talk more. They would tell us that he does not stop talking about mommy and daddy. We weren't sure if they were just trying to make us feel good. When Jen left Andrew just began chatting away. Aaron could only understand a few words but it was wonderful to see Andrew content with no one else around but Daddy. He loves putting things away so the two of them packed up for the day.

Jen returned and the three of us continued to wander and play different games as several of the staff came out to wish us well. We stayed until 7 and we noticed that even Andrew seemed to be delaying the inevitable.

We weren't sure what we needed to say to him, if it would make sense or even if he would remember it. But when we heard him ask if we would be coming back tomorrow we knew we had to say something. We told him that we would be leaving for a very long time, but that the next time we come we would take him home with us. During the week Jen wrote him note telling him how much we loved him and will miss him. She told him how we needed to go home and get things ready for him. In it she explained that first it would have to get hot out, and then it would get cold, and then when it got even colder we would come and get him. Our translator wrote a copy in Bulgarian for us and we taped it in his photo album. One caretaker read it to him immediately with tears in her eyes.

When it was time to really leave we told him we loved him and would miss him. He then told his nurse he wanted to let us out. So, she walked with him to the buzzer to open the gate. He was smiling as he let us out, blowing kisses the whole time.

We will miss him terribly, but we know that leaving him now means we are that much closer to bringing him home.

What an amazing week! We are so blessed! Thank you, Jesus!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 4 with Andrew

Our 2nd walk went well. Again this rarely happens so we are so thankful for every new experience we get to share with him. Today's was a business walk as we went to a photo shop to have Andrew's picture made for his visa when we return after the adoption is finalized.

As we left the director instructed us to hold his hand tightly as he would be afraid of the cars. We both took his hand and followed one of the caretakers to the shop. As cars passed Andrew didn't even flinch. There wasn't even any body language that suggested any anxiety over being outside on the road with us.

When we reached the photo shop the caretaker stayed in the one roomwhile the translator went in the other with usand helped. At this point Andrew did begin to be a little uncertain of things. New place, new people, weird equipment all over the room. Jen asked the translator to explain to Andrew what we were going to do. Andrew still wasn't ok with everything so Jen took her picture first and the photographer showed Andrew. Then Jen lifted Andrew up to the seat and the two of them took their picture together. The last time Jen stepped out of the picture and Andrew sat still though still not completely at ease. Usually Jen will have to ask if she can hold him, this time when the pictures were over Andrew lept for he arms. Her "mother-bear" instincts kicked in and she was somehow able to carry him all the way back to the orphanage. She loved every minute of it and didn't care that her back hurt or that her pants were getting filthy.

Once we were back at the orphanage Andrew only wanted to play with the other children. He again began to throw a tantrum. Jen was able to have him ask nicely to go with the kids, but of course we were disappointed, yet content to enjoy what he was able to give us. We can only imagine what must be going through his mind right now as so many changes are happening or are about to happen. So we sat down in the same area where he was playing and tried to coax him with the red backpack. Nothing seemed to work. Some of the caretakers brought him a piece of candy. Not helpful. We tried a few more items but he was still resolved to do as he pleased. Finally, the caretakers just told us to leave and comeback later. "He's just tired" they told us.

He did have quite a morning. The caretaker that went with us had only started working there a couple of days before we showed up, and our normal translator was not able to make it for our morning session. The caretakers, we later learned, don't want the potential parents to dislike the child and not proceed with the adoption so they will often run interference. For our part, it is awkward to be "not-quite parents" to Andrew. We as parents have a procedure for handling situations, but until he's fully ours, where does our authority begin and end?

This afternoon we got there a little early while Andrew was still sleeping. When he woke up they sent him out with a cup of water and a snack, still groggy from his nap. We tried to talk with him, play with him and get him interested in the red backpack. No response. He wanted to go inside so we followed him. He wanted to go back to the other children, we didn't let him. Another tantrum. We decided maybe if we could get him outside around the playground that that would spark something. As Jen picked him up he flung his head back into a door jamb. More screaming.

Fortunately one of the caretakers that knows him came around the corner, calmed him down and carried him outside. We followed her to a bench where she sat him down and told him to spend time with mommy and daddy, they love you. She then told us that he was stubborn and we were to be just as stubborn and not let him win. Those were just the words we needed to hear. We then reassured her that we were in this for good, and that we knew we would have to face these battles at some point. She told us that she was glad that we were so well prepared and were not scared away by his fits.

As soon as she left, Andrew again wanted to be with the kids. We told him he had to stay with mommy and daddy. Then the fits began. Jen picked him up and walked to the furthest point in the yard away from the building. He kept crying "There, there, there.!" (In Bulgarian, of course)pointing back to the building. Jen just continued to hold him and tell him she loved him. He refused to stop screaming and crying. Finally Jen sat down on a bench holding him while he continued. Jen moved to the ground with him still in her arms kicking and crying.

At some point we noticed that the crying changed. He wasn't trying to get away anymore. He actually stopped a few times and would be distracted with something. He would start again but now more whining than crying. Jen brought out some of the blocks we had brought but Andrew was still not interested. Our translator remembered us playing with the blocks and knocking them over. So she tried. Quiet.

The rest of our time together from that point on was delightful. Andrew sat in Jen's lap content. He showed no interest in going anywhere. We gave him a water bottle to drink from. He loved opening and closing the lid. Every now and again the lid would get stuck so Jen would ask, "Ishkash li promosht?" (Do you want help?). Andrew would say "promosht". Then Jen would say "Mozhe li" (Can I please? - Telling him to ask nicely) and he would say "mozhee" (Can I please in a toddler way ). Jen would help him open it and before he could take a sip she would say "merci, mama" and he would say "merci" and then take a sip. Every time he would say a word he would get a huge grin on his face. We did this for quite some time and loved every minute of it.

He wanted to play with all the toys. He was very loving and affectionate. Near the end of our time we asked him to help clean up. He loves to organize things so he was excited to help. He opened the bag to put some things in and noticed a package of wipes that did not belong. So he called to Jen saying "mama" and handed them to her. This was the first time he called her mama without being prompted to. He gave us hugs and kisses goodbye, but something was different about today. Where before he had to be instructed to do so now there was a willingness about him.

Tomorrow is our last day with Andrew and we don't know how we're going to be able to leave him for so long. We are pleased to know that at least three of the staff have known him since he was a baby. He has been well loved and taken care of. We have been very impressed with the care he has received from the staff. He's actually one of the favorites and has been able to do many things outside of the orphanage. We're alos glad to know that they have kept records of his milestones which we'll have access to when we pick him up. The home is very nice and has many toys to play with. The yard to the orphanage is quite nice as well and they do spend a lot of time outside in the fresh air. If he had to be in an orphanage we are pleased that it was this one.

On a side note: Yesterday we were being tourists and were approached by a man asking for money for a child with cancer. Our translator told us he was paid to do this job and that not all the money always goes to the cause, so we walked away. As we did, he told us in English, "Don't be like the Germans." We laughed. We asked the translator what he meant and she said she had no idea.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 3 with Andrew

Today we brought Andrew the photo album we made filled with pictures of our immediate families. During the morning we had wandered around the grounds a bit following Andrew and trying to find something that he was interested in doing. At one point he saw some lilac flowers in a tree and began to point at them. Jen asked our interpreter to ask him if he wanted Mommy to help him reach it and he said yes. So, she got to pick him up and hold him while they picked the lilac. He was smiling the whole time.

At one point Aaron sat on the ground and asked Andrew to come sit near him to see what was in the red backpack today. At first we showed him a small plastic container of dinosaurs. After asking politely he tore the container open, dumped out all the dinosaurs and then began to play with the container! Well, its a good thing we had those dinosaurs. Otherwise what else would we have had to pour out of the plastic bucket and put back in again!
After losing interest in the plastic dinosaurs, Andrew again went for the backpack. He asked for the puzzles and Aaron invited him to sit on his lap. He did so without hesitation and sat there as we went through a couple of them.
As soon as we noticed him getting bored, Aaron reached for the photo album. Andrew frantically reached to open it and as the first page fell open he became perfectly still. Aaron began to point out each person, "Mommy, Daddy, sister, brother" We had taken a picture of us with Andrew on our first day together and our translator had it printed out for us. Andrew's face lit up with a grin as we turned to see his picture with us in the album.
For the rest of our time together that morning and then later that afternoon, he would not let that album out of his sight.

When we returned after lunch we showed the album to the orphanage doctor. She was delighted to know more about the family she would be giving Andrew to. She also was very impressed that we had printed out the Bulgarian words of our family members and taped them alongside of the pictures. As she finished Andrew came around the corner and saw the book. He ran towards the doctor and pulling him up next to her she began to "read" the pictures to him.
The afternoon we played different games with Andrew. Other children were playing nearby but everyone recognized the importance of the three of us having as much time as possible together. So we were a little more on top of his wandering on a whim. At one point he began to throw a tantrum, but Jen scooped him in her arms and began to run around the yard with him. Andrew laughing and giggling the entire time. Distractions work well with him for now.
Our very last moment of the day he had another tantrum and Jen was just able to simply hold him until he was able to ask politely. While she was holding him she just kept repeating "Obiechem te" (I love you). The tantrums may sound like an awful experience, but first of all they weren't that bad, and second, they were major bonding moments, as godly discipline always is.

When we left today he gave us hugs and kisses again. We said obicham te (I love you) as usual and his nurse told him to say it to us like usual. This time he actually did tell us he loved us for the first time. He blew kisses at us like he does everytime we leave and he always looks back one more time and blows one more kiss.
We are so excited because our agency told us we need to take him to get pictures made for the next steps in the process, so we get to take him with one of the orphanage staff out of the orphanage gates again. We may walk or take a taxi, so it will be another time to bond with him as we explore the city.

On a side note. Many women here, especially older women) have blue, red, or purple hair (we're talking really crazy colors) and we've been told it's not on purpose. Obviously there is a problem, maybe with the hair dye?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Around Sofia

Here are some pictures of Sofia for you to enjoy. Read post below for today's update.

Our apartment (4th balcony up)

Day 2 with Andrew

When we arrived at the orphanage this morning all the children were outside. One of the caretakers saw us and called for Andrew. As she took his hand she walked him across the lawn stopping to pick up a dandelion for Andrew to give to his new mother. Of course he didn't quite know what to do with it once he got to her, but Jen scooped him up anyway and greeted him with a big hug and kiss. As she set him down, Aaron began trying to coax a hug out of him. Andrew just laughed and jumped back into Jennifer's arms.

This morning we returned with the red backpack. This time however we began to work with Andrew on asking rather than just grabbing. We didn't want to be in the same situation as we were yesterday waiting for him to finish his snack before engaging with us. The immediate benefit to this was that it forced him to begin to converse with us as well as set up some initial boundaries. When he would ask, we would immediately respond with lots of praise and affections. At one point he even began to pout a little bit, only to break into another smile when we began to talk to him.

We brought him shoes and a new jacket. Immediately he sat down and began to pull his old shoes off asking us to put the new ones on. Standing up he tore off his jacket and began trying to put the new one on. He let Aaron help zip it up for him. Many times throughout the day other children would be calling for him through the windows. Often they would see us and call out "Uncle!" Or "Auntie!". Andrew would run over to the window and yell at them to go away. It bothered him that others were calling his mommy and daddy, uncle and auntie.

The rest of the morning we simply played whatever game Andrew wanted to play: moving gigantic plastic blocks and sliding race cars down the slide.

For lunch we walked the city of Sofia and picked up some more sticker and picture books. Our interpreter / guide brought us to a restaurant where we had the most amazing authentic Bulgarian meal. Don't ask us to repeat what they were called, but here's some pictures:

When we returned in the afternoon, one of the caretakers brought out Andrew's afternoon snack of cream and fruit for him to eat with us. He wasn't interested so we went outside. We played with a couple of the new books we bought him but were often interrupted by the other children through the windows. On a positive note, with some effort Jen was able to call him back to us several times. Jen also got to play a peak a boo game through the playground slide and fence. It made Andrew giggle so much. Unfortunately we missed that on video.

A caretaker at the home brought out some pictures of Andrew's life there. We had only seen the most recent picture and one from when he was 14months old. She left and returned a short while later to ask us if we wanted to take Andrew for a walk with her outside the orphanage. What a phenomenal blessing! This is virtually unheard of! Not to mention that our time was to end at 5 and we didnt get back from the walk until 6.

She took us to a park and through the interpreter we were able to ask her all sorts of questions about Andrew's life. We continued walking and she had mentioned that at the river the two of them would throw sticks into it. So as soon as we reached the bridge Aaron was quick to grab a branch and began breaking pieces off for Andrew to throw in. Real simple, but probably Aaron's favorite part of the day. From there we held hands with Andrew through an open market and back home again. We bought him a banana at the market and he ate it all. He had never eaten a banana with the peel on. He didn't talk throughout this walk, but he observed everything. He is very smart and takes everything in.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Our First Day with Andrew

It's hard to believe that it was two years ago today that we made the decision to begin the adoption process. It is completely mind boggling to think about how the past two years have stretched our faith and opened our eyes to the love of the Father in a way that we never could have imagined. Today we saw the firstfruits of every prayer and every step of faith that we have walked with your love and His grace.

Our case worker arrived at 9am and took us via taxi to the children's home. She had been there a week earlier so when he came around the corner he immediately saw her bag of cheese stick snacks and grabbed them from her purse. As we sat there we were introduced to the director who informed us of our allotted time there. Later his doctor came in to tell us how she had been there since the day he was born and had actually taken him home with her to visit. She gave him two forceful "Bulgarian - grandmother" kisses and told us we had the favorite.

We spent some time just simply talking with him trying out our few self taught Bulgarian phrases with him in an attempt to see some sort of reaction and make a connection. At first he was only interested in finishing off that bag of snacks by himself. Aaron pulled out our camera to record a few seconds of video. Still he only stared blankly at us, crunching on his snacks. As soon as Aaron played back the video on the camera, a sly smirk stretched across his face. We were in!!

Next Aaron pulled out one off the egg - shakers we had brought as toys, from his red backpack. Andrew paused from the snacks to observe Aaron as he held out the shaker for him to play with. Andrew took it with great interest only to set it down next to him and finish his snacks. Jen pulled out some of the underwear we brought him, and then he got it!! He quickly ran over to her and began to ask "What is this?" in Bulgarian. Jen helped him open the package, he took out all the underwear, put it back in, took it out and then dove for the red backpack of wonders.

He loved the first outfit we brought him. Folding and refolding it. We've noticed that he is very particular about having everything in its place and spent a good bit of time taking toys out just to put them back again. Not much interest in the cars, or the coloring book, but he loves the cardboard picture book. We scored big with the sticker book that we brought. The rest of the morning we spent on the floor with him helping him put each sticker in its place.

It was time to leave and we were helping him carry all his loot back to his room when the caretakers began to talk with him in Bulgarian. All of a sudden our interpreter's eyes widened as she turned to tell us that the caretakers had asked him who we were and he responded "mommy and daddy." We asked her if she knew if the workers a told him to say that but she had no idea. He blew kisses to us as we left. Either way it was the first high point of the day.

For lunch and the afternoon we played tourist with our translator as our guide. We enjoyed getting to know her as well as some of the Bulgarian history and culture.

3:30 we returned and as we came around the corner we saw Andrew come running out with his complete outfit on. He was so excited to show it off for us. Later as we were playing we noticed he had even put his underwear on over his diaper!

They told us we could take him outside to play with him. We asked him where he would like to play and he took us to the slide. At this point it would have been great to have our other kids along, but there we were. So it was now up to good old Dad to do what Dad's do best. As Aaron slid down the way too small slide screaming like a little girl, Andrew erupted in an adorable giggle that begged Aaron to repeat the scene several times over.

Jen had been inviting him all morning to sit on her lap and let her read to him. At one point she convinced him to sit for just a second before he was distracted by something else in the red backpack. So you can imagine her delight as later on when Aaron offfered his lap, Andrew turned and ran straight for Jen to sit with her. We pray that our son at home will be able to adjust to his new brother competing for time with "mama"!

When it was time to leave again, the caretaker took his hand and started to walk with us following. Then she saw us and told Andrew to hold mamas hand. He did immediatly. Jen said "tatko" (daddy) and looked at Aaron and immediatly Andrew took Andrew's hand. So, for a brief moment to the front of the building we were hand in hand, a family. His caretaker told him to give hugs and kisses to mama and daddy, so he did. She asked if he wanted to see us tomorrow and he said, "da" (yes). We said obichame te (I love you) and he blew kisses to us as we left. He even peaked over his shoulder as he walked away and looked at us one more time. We are so in love!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We're here!!!

We made it to Sofia sometime around 12:30 p.m. here.

All travels were smooth. We had enough time during layovers, but not too much time. When we got to Atlanta and received our boarding passes, the lady at the counter realized that we did not have seats together for the long flight from Washington DC to Munich, Germany. The plane sat 2, aisle, 5, aisle and then 2. So, she put us togther in the middle of the five seats. She said we would have more leg room and she would not charge us for it. We didn't know what she was talking about until we got on the plane. We were upgraded to Economy Plus which gives you 5 inches more leg room. That was nice to have. Then the aisle seat next to us was empty. We told the gentlemen next to us that if it stayed that way we would move over and give them more room. The one guy said that the chances of that happening were slim to none, so I told him I'd take the slim. Sure enough a couple minutes later an announcement was made that the cabin doors were closed. I told him that slim won out. He told us "You must be living right". That was way too funny.

Anyway, no one in Sofia was there to greet us due to the change in our flight schedule. So, we called our interpreter who got a hold of the person picking us up. They were on their way, so we only had to wait about 20 minutes. They never got news of the change. The man who picked us up owns the apartment where we're staying. His son came with him and knows some English. On the way we were talking and asked about exchanging money, so he took us to a place to exchange it. We got to the apartment and put our stuff in and looked around. The man and his son, Dancho are super nice and helped us out with so much. Dancho even took us to the grocery store and we bought a few things for breakfast for the week and of course, ice cream!!! We are so thankful for Dancho because we wouldn't have been able to do any of this without knowing the language.

When we called our interpreter for help, she told us she would meet us at 9 AM at the apartment Monday morning and we would then head over to the orphanage. We have no other information. We don't know what to bring, how long we're going, what else is planned for the day. It is so funny. This whole adoption has been about trusting God and being still. It continues to be. We will go with the flow. If nothing else, it'll all make for some good stories.

We'll leave you with the first funny story:

Apparently our cell phone had a hard time figuring out the local time on its own. So, we finished shopping, bought some pizza, came home, ate and put things away. We looked at the clock and saw it was 8 P.M. here. We were exhausted and hadn't got much sleep, so we decided to go to bed for the night. Next thing you know we wake up, it is still light out and our cell phone is telling us it is 11:30 a.m., Sunday morning. We knew it couldn't be Sunday a.m., but were very confused. We actually got on facebook and messaged Aaron's sister to find out what time it was in the U.S., so we could calculate the 7 hours ahead. Well, come to find out it was just now 8 P.M. here and we had been sleeping for three hours. So I guess we got a nap in before our big night's sleep!! Maybe we were more tired that we realized!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


We're in the airport waiting to board our flight to head to Bulgaria. This past week was a bit crazy. Trying to prepare for a trip for the other part of the world in one week was quite the ride.

In the middle of the week we had a friend stop by and tell us that God told him to pay the remainder of what we needed for this part of the adoption, so a $1,200 check later and we had it all. Praise the Lord. He is faithful!!

On Thursday, Jen was taking our daughter to gymnastics when all of a sudden the van started to shake and screech and jerk and grind. She pulled over in a parking lot and called for help. Our niece and her friend came to the rescue. They took Rachel to gymnastics and then Aaron showed up. We realized the brake pad had come loose because a bolt that holds it on was gone and nowhere to be found. Aaron drove up and down all over 2 towns to find the part, but couldn't find one. We even had ambulance EMT's try to help, calling around to hole in the wall shops. We were able to drive the van home safely, but still needed a bolt. Jen's sister and her husband are watching our kids for the week and need the van to go anywhere. Aaron searched high and low on Friday only to find out that the bolt is only made by Mazda and has a unique thread that can't be duplicated. So, we called Mazda dealers only to find out that not one dealer in the state of Georgia has the bolt. So, we had to order it and the earliest it will be here is Tuesday. We are so blessed with amazing family and church body and have several of them coming to the rescue to take care of the van while we're gone and cart the kids wherever need be for Jen's sister.

In the middle of this our brother-in-law ended up in the ER on Friday due to some health issues. He is fine now, but we had a moment of concern not only for him, but for our kids and who would watch them while we're gone. Again, our amazing church body and family was ready and willing to step in and help. They were quick to encourage in the midst of all of this, letting us know they were there for us for whatever we needed.

We needed to leave our house by 7 A.M. this morning and at 6 A.M. we received an automated call saying that the first flight of our trip was cancelled. We were put through to an agent and within a matter of minutes she had our entire flight itinerary changed and ready to go. We are now leaving Atlanta and hour later, but arriving in Bulgaria an hour earlier.

All this to say that our God is big and faithful and in control. He gives peace in the midst of the storm. There has been a tangible grace on us as we have prepared for this trip this week.

While we do and will miss our kids terribly, we are excited to meet our son. The other end of the trip we will miss our son terribly, but be excited to see the other 4 at home. Maybe next trip we can all go.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


We received all our official paperwork today from the MOJ as well as an invitation to travel and a more recent picture of Andrew!! He's going to fit right in! We need to buy plane tickets still, but looks like we will be heading to Bulgaria next weekend.

We like dates, they are important to us. The day we will meet our son, April 26th is exactly 2 years to the day from the day we made the decision to adopt. We didn't actually get to officially start the process until July of that year when God first brought the money neeeded for our application fee.

We could have waited if we needed to, but we knew the date was significant. Besides, this is the best time for Aaron to miss out on work.

We are truly blessed to have family close by and willing to help. Jen's sister and brother-in-law, along with their 3 year old daughter will actually move in to our house for the week to take care of our kids. We are so thankful for their help.

We won't know for sure until plane tickets are bought and an apartment is secured for us in Bulgaria, but we are close to having all the money needed for this leg of our journey.

We know this week will be very busy packing and planning, but we are so excited to meet our son for the first time. We are also excited to be able spend the entire week in the capital of Sofia.

God has truly surprised us and blessed us through this process. It seems like it has taken so long to get to this point and at the same time it has come quickly.

We don't know completely what to expect after this trip, but we're hoping and expecting for Andrew to come home sometime in the Fall.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Provision

We just wanted to encourage everyone with updates of how God has continued to provide to bring Andrew home. This week we received $120 for 2 loaves of bread. Then this morning we received a check for $100. Thank you so much for those who supported us this week. God has continued to keep the funds pouring in to bring our son home. We are so thankful for every amount that comes in. God has multiplied money so many times in this adoption process. We are so blessed!!!

Here are some Easter pictures of our family.