Saturday, April 24, 2010


We're in the airport waiting to board our flight to head to Bulgaria. This past week was a bit crazy. Trying to prepare for a trip for the other part of the world in one week was quite the ride.

In the middle of the week we had a friend stop by and tell us that God told him to pay the remainder of what we needed for this part of the adoption, so a $1,200 check later and we had it all. Praise the Lord. He is faithful!!

On Thursday, Jen was taking our daughter to gymnastics when all of a sudden the van started to shake and screech and jerk and grind. She pulled over in a parking lot and called for help. Our niece and her friend came to the rescue. They took Rachel to gymnastics and then Aaron showed up. We realized the brake pad had come loose because a bolt that holds it on was gone and nowhere to be found. Aaron drove up and down all over 2 towns to find the part, but couldn't find one. We even had ambulance EMT's try to help, calling around to hole in the wall shops. We were able to drive the van home safely, but still needed a bolt. Jen's sister and her husband are watching our kids for the week and need the van to go anywhere. Aaron searched high and low on Friday only to find out that the bolt is only made by Mazda and has a unique thread that can't be duplicated. So, we called Mazda dealers only to find out that not one dealer in the state of Georgia has the bolt. So, we had to order it and the earliest it will be here is Tuesday. We are so blessed with amazing family and church body and have several of them coming to the rescue to take care of the van while we're gone and cart the kids wherever need be for Jen's sister.

In the middle of this our brother-in-law ended up in the ER on Friday due to some health issues. He is fine now, but we had a moment of concern not only for him, but for our kids and who would watch them while we're gone. Again, our amazing church body and family was ready and willing to step in and help. They were quick to encourage in the midst of all of this, letting us know they were there for us for whatever we needed.

We needed to leave our house by 7 A.M. this morning and at 6 A.M. we received an automated call saying that the first flight of our trip was cancelled. We were put through to an agent and within a matter of minutes she had our entire flight itinerary changed and ready to go. We are now leaving Atlanta and hour later, but arriving in Bulgaria an hour earlier.

All this to say that our God is big and faithful and in control. He gives peace in the midst of the storm. There has been a tangible grace on us as we have prepared for this trip this week.

While we do and will miss our kids terribly, we are excited to meet our son. The other end of the trip we will miss our son terribly, but be excited to see the other 4 at home. Maybe next trip we can all go.


  1. YAYYYY!!! So excited for you! Have a blast and keep us posted:)!

  2. So happy for you guys, and thank you for sharing how God has been faithful and blessed your family. Keep us posted, Jer 29;11-12

  3. I am praying for you all in Alabama! We are in the homestudy portion of our own adoption journey. I found your blog through Shelley's Bulgarian adoption blog, and I have been so encouraged by your excitement and God's provision for your process! Prayers will be lifted for you this week as you travel and for your children at home.

  4. You too are walking on the path of his heart. Well done! Have a blast and see you guys on the other side. Welcome to the best club in town.

  5. Praying for you and hoping your ASLEEP right this minute! Love you.

  6. keeping that picture of your little one in my mind as i pray for you on this trip, and for your family at home.

  7. YES! Finally, you get to meet your son! I will be praying for you! You will LOVE your time in Bulgaria, I just know it!