Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's been too long.

Ok, so the CD is officially completed and has been mailed off to be duplicated. No promises, but if everything goes smoothly they should be ready in 3-4 weeks. Getting to this point has consumed most of our time over the past month, so we've not been able to update our blog until now.

We are still waiting on Jennifer's Child Protective Services check to come back from Massachusetts. Also, we are now in the Bulgaria program with Bethany. While we are excited to see all that God has for us there, we are still waiting for the program to officially be ready. All of this can be somewhat frustrating as it has now been one year since we started and we still haven't finished our home study. At the same time we know that God has His perfect timing in all of this. Our struggle is learning to trust.

In the mean time, He is continuing to show Himself faithful. It always seems that when we are at our weakest, without faith and without hope, He sends a blessing to encourage us and remind us that He is still at work bringing our son home.

On June 5th, we had friends visit us with a check for $1000! Shortly after Father's Day we received several Etsy orders, which we hadn't had in months. Since then we've received donations from friends and family ranging from $50 -$200! We've also been able to pre-sell over 3o CDs. Many of these sales came with extra donations.

So for now, as we continue to wait we are working to be diligent in prayer. We are asking God that Jen's CPS would be resolved quickly, and that we would have patience and faith as He continues to provide. We are praying for our son, that God's hand would be on him, protect him and keep him safe and healthy.

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  1. Hi Aaron and Jennifer, i found your blog today and amazing but we originally went to Bethany and had our heart set on Albania, however they said the wait was 3 years so we then looked at the Ukraine, but the Lord led us to Bulgaria as well for a little boy. We were registered in January of this year it took us 1 year to get everything in order for Bulgaria's government. I will be following your journey and have been praying for our children. Blessings.