Wednesday, September 29, 2010

U.S. Embassy Visit

Despite the rain we decided to walk through the park to get to our visa interview at the US Embassy. Our appointment was for 2:30 and we were told to arrive by 2:15. We left with plenty of time to spare and it was a good thing.

All morning long Andrew had been throwing temper tantrums over the smallest things we would ask him to do. Apparently he's feeling more comfortable with us. Just as we were about to leave he threw a fit over Jen trying to look at his belly. Five minutes away from the doors of the embassy Jen asked him to put on his hood because it was raining. At the apartment we can let him throw himself to the ground during a tantrum, but in the park it was wet and muddy.

During our time here we've decided it's best to just ignore the fits and remove him from the situation. So far that has worked pretty well since he now realizes that he's not getting any attention for his behavior. Over the course of the day the fits grew less intense and shorter in duration. After dinner we came home and were able to get him dressed in his pajamas and his teeth brushed with little trouble. When it was time to go to his bed, he went willingly without any resistance. He even asked Mommy to come.

We went out to eat for pizza at a local restaurant for dinner. Throughout the entire wait Andrew kept saying "Pizza" and would give us a huge smile. We had our first pizza with pickles, interesting combination. However, we're not ready for pizza with mayonnaise, ketchup or corn just yet.

The embassy interview was quick and painless. We were hoping to get a picture of Andrew outside the embassy. Fortunately we found out this was not permitted before we tried it. Who would of thought?

Tomorrow we pick up the visa and Saturday we get to go home. We're really missing the rest of the kids and can't wait for them to meet their brother in person.


  1. And let the attachment fun begin;)! Oh, and we had pizza with spinach and scrambled was really good!:) I'm loving all the pics by the way, and soooo jealous that you guys are getting to see more than us!

  2. Hooray! Almost done! The embassy was strange I thought. :)

    I would have loved time to go out and about, but we just didn't have it. Plus it rained almost the whole time.

    Safe travels. :)

  3. Well, there was some good stuff in that entry, but all I'm going to think about the rest of the day is pizza with mayonnaise. Sick. And not in a good way.