Monday, January 28, 2013

Aaron was given the opportunity to speak at Toccoa Falls College during their chapel time this past Wednesday.  He felt God's leading to speak on our adoption journey.  You can watch it here   at Toccoa Falls College Videos. You need to find 1-23-13 (Aaron Santor).  He starts speaking at the 20:40 timecode.

The next day the Director of Spiritual Formation wrote about us on his blog
The Thursday Circle.  He titled it "In Favor of Life". It really meant a lot to us that he featured us in his blog and supported and promoted adoption.

In other news, Aaron has rerecorded some of the songs that were on the CD that helped raise funds to bring Andrew home.  He also recorded a few new songs as well. This time they were recorded in a studio and are a better quality and are all available for download.  Feel free to listen to the songs on the playlist on the right hand side of our blog and visit his page.  All these songs can be purchased through reverbnation, amazon, itunes, zune, etc.

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