Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sofia - The History of Europe | София - Историята на Европа

Here is a glimpse of the capital city, Sofia in Bulgaria. This is where our son Andrew's orphanage was located. We were able to see all but one of the buildings in this video as well as many others. Enjoy!!!!


  1. really long, will have to watch again later. But awesome, thanks for sharing.

  2. Watched the other night while cooking dinner, wish I had watched it in full before our trip. So glad I did so now the history and buildings mean more, knowing the history. Pretty cool that Vitosha Blvd was a roman road!!! Thanks for sharing, loved it.

  3. Hi! I know you do not know me, but our family is adopting from Bulgaria as well. And I would love to follow some other families blogs that have adopted from Bulgaria as well. We are just about ready to be reunited with our sons, they come home in three weeks! We are so excited! Our sons orphanage is is Zlatarista Bulgaria. Thanks for sharing the video. :)