Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God continually provides!

In just one week from knowing our request for Andrew was accepted, God has brought in half of the immediate money needed!!!

A friend had called Jen last Friday to order a loaf of bread and 2 dozen cookies from www.wickedgoodeats.etsy.com and then proceeded to give her a check for $100. Then over the weekend Aaron's mom managed to sell 4 of Aaron's CD's at their church for $400. This morning we woke up to a phone call letting us know a check for $1,000 was in the mail. God is good!! He called us to adopt which we knew we could never afford, but chose to obey anyway. Then He continually blows us away by His provision.

We are planning on putting a photo album together to bring with us for Andrew on our first trip so he will have it until we bring him home. We really wanted to write the family member names and how they're related in cyrillic so that his caretakers can read it to him while we're gone. We weren't sure how to go about that and asked for help on a yahoo group we're a part of. We have blessed by a man and his wife (strangers to us) who have offered to translate the words and names for us from English to Bulgarian in the cyrillic letters. What a blessing!!!!