Saturday, March 28, 2009

Two weeks ago we launched the Etsy shop ( selling Jen's baked goods and we immediately received two orders. Soon after we received an offline order from a friend. He asked for one batch of cookies, but to our surprise sent us a check for over three times as much. Within the next few days, we added whole wheat bread to the store and received an offline, loaf-a-week order from a friend who lives locally. We will soon be adding other items as well.

Also, there's a local market in our town during the summer months where we'll be able to sell some of our home made baked goods and crafts. Jen's sister is amazing with scrapbooking and has offered to make greeting cards to sell for the adoption. Jen herself will be sewing pajama bottoms, hero capes for boys and princess capes for girls.

We sent out email and snail-mail letters to many family and friends updating them on the adoption and fundraising efforts. We promptly received a check for $100.00 from an individual who has only met us once! In addition they took the time to compile grant and tax information regarding adoption.

Between the Etsy shop and mass emails, our outdated, overused computer was suddenly having serious problems. I have a laptop for work, but that too is becoming outdated and is only available to Jen in the evening when I get home. Buying a new computer was financially not an option. So we prayed and asked God to provide a computer. Why not? It just might work.

A week later, some close friends came into possession of a 1-1/2 year old computer and thought we might need a newer model for all the adoption work we are doing online. We never asked anyone for a computer, yet God heard us and answered!! Hallelujah!!!

One of the longer parts to the adoption process in Albania is waiting on a referral for a child. We've been in touch with one family in particular who have adopted from Albania and have been a tremendous help and encouragement. They actually brought home their daughter this past December. She has some medical problems, but they deal with them because they love her and know she is their daughter. In talking to them, we were encouraged to maybe look into a child with some needs other than "normal" institutional issues. So, we contacted our case worker to look into any boys from Albania with special needs that we might be able to deal with. At the same time we had seen pictures of some children in an orphanage in Albania from this past October. A couple had been over there at an orphanage and posted pictures of the kids on their blog. They did not know the status of any of the kids, whether they are adoptable or have any health problems. We scrolled through the pictures and were amazed at one picture of a little boy. He looks so much like our son, Tobin. We were blown away. We showed his picture to some family members and they completely agreed. Our son, Tobin, actually asked if the picture was him and when we said no, he said, "I want that boy to come to our house and live with me." So, when we contacted our case worker, we asked her to look into the possibility of this other little boy as well. Our case worker has contacted the Albanian program director about the possibility of both these boys. Now we are waiting to hear back. We don't know for sure whether either of these boys is our son, but we wouldn't put it past God for him to work in this way.

We don't know who our son is yet, but we love him so much already and cannot wait for him to come home and be a part of our family. Our kids pray for him everyday, especially Tobin. He also asks every day, "When is 'Little Brother' coming home?" We don't know how long the process is going to take, but we will not stop until our son is home.

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  1. God is so good, it's a pleasure to follow your journey.